Tuesday, November 30, 2010

One more thing

I went back to the Y after work and squeezed in another 55 minutes on the elliptical, raising my day's HBBC exercise points to 8. My veggies for the day included these delicious delicata squash rings. They are oven roasted (like the delicata squash fries in my recipe list), although they look suspiciously like onion rings!
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Laura said...

Just searched back through your archives and found the delicata squash fries recipe. Do they taste like they're fried too? If not, thinking I could maybe dust them with a bit of panko. Rings definitely sounds easier to make than all the cutting to get them into fry-shape.

Kristin said...

I don't know if they taste fried, but they are pretty crispy when they're newly baked. They get soft as leftovers. I'm sure panko would be yummy! You might look at my post on Beet Chips as well (it's in the recipe list), they are really good and you don't have to be a beet lover!