Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I am watching the second half of The Biggest Loser "Where are they now" show from last week. (I watched the first half the other night and, as usual while watching TBL, fell asleep before I was done.)

I see that Tracey (a rather unpopular contestant from, I think, last year) ran in the Boston Marathon. I am assuming she either ran for charity or using a special television show entry spot. Don't know about the rest of her entourage.

Mark, from a couple years back, also ran a marathon.

Now I am watching Biggest Loser alumni participating in a triathlon (Olympic distance). The top male and female each win a $25,000 prize...pretty sweet! Looking forward to seeing the outcome. (The winners--Mark and Tara, remember her?)

Speaking of competition, today's HBBC numbers:
1 hour elliptical = 4 pts.
1 hour yoga = 3 pts.
F & V = 1 pt.

And speaking of yoga...tonight was my first class back in months. The combination of my long hiatus, and the marathon on Sunday has left me quite inflexible. I couldn't even cross my legs without feeling the pull in my glutes. And, shamefully, my core strength is pathetic...even non-existent. But at least there's room for improvement!
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