Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I feel good

Two days out from the Seattle Marathon and I feel pretty good! Of course I have been wearing compression socks for the last four days (including Saturday, Sunday during the race, Monday and today) and today I am wearing running shoes at work (black Asics to look "professional," haha).

I am waiting on doing a full race report until the race pictures come out. (Though a smart person would start writing right away before she forgot everything....)

Bodywise, on Sunday (after the race) I was pretty sore all over and walking very stiffly (the traditional "marathon shuffle"). I didn't sleep well Sunday night because of the achiness, even though I was in a Westin Heavenly Bed. On Monday most of the general achiness was gone, so that I could feel the soreness in my ankle and achilles tendon. Oh, and my left big toenail...the one that just finished growing back from a delayed loss after the Newport Marathon (albeit in a slightly deformed fashion)...had a big blood blister under the nail (which undoubtedly lead to another loss). I drained the blister on Sunday so that took a lot of the pressure off, but the toe of my shoe pressing on it still made it hurt a little. (This doesn't happen with running shoes, hence my decision to wear them today, even though the nail is much less tender by now.)

Anyhow, on Monday I was almost fine. On Monday afternoon delayed muscle soreness began to set in my quads, and today they are still feeling it. It only affects things like going down stairs and raising my upper legs (when I want to cross my legs I have to give them a boost by lifting with my hands).

I had decided not to run any races in December as part of my running recovery program. That is still the plan, but...I am considering running a Jingle Bell Run on Saturday, just for fun. Haven't signed up yet...I am still debating.* (But you know I'm gonna do it, don't you, unless there is some non-running reason that I can't!) It's four miles, which would be a great distance to run.

I am definitely taking the rest of this week off running, though. I went to the Y this morning for the elliptical, and I am hoping to force myself to start going back to yoga on December 1. The only thing that has been holding me back from yoga is reluctance to spend the evening going to the Y...I have enjoyed my evenings at home. But HBBC calls, and I must expand my fitness options!

Speaking of HBBC...60+ minutes on the elliptical = 4 points. Plus fruit and veg = 1 point. I haven't had my full quota of veg yet but I know I will with dinner. (Also 1 point fruit and veg yesterday, no exercise yesterday.)

*And I am waiting to see if I win the Snickers Marathon Bar contest for a trip to Vegas this weekend, before I schedule anything else. Just in case.

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Laura said...

Ugh, I get that too sometimes where running shoes don't hurt but everything else does. So frustrating when you want to dress up!