Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thankful day 14

Today I am thankful that Oregon beat Cal last night, and is still #1 in the country. Makes my life so.much.easier.

Ten miles today, sans Garmin. Even though it was fully charged last night, today it was mysteriously at 0% power. Once I got used to not monitoring every step of my run, it was quite freeing!

I didn't get out until after 11, though. I spent the morning lying in bed reading Second Wind by Cami Ostman (One Woman's Midlife Quest to Run Seven Marathons on Seven Continents). My only criticism is the very small type--you'd think an author in her forties would ask for a typeface that doesn't require magnifying glasses to read!

After I finished the run I just had enough time to change before heading out to see Morning Glory with my mom. We were going to go last night but I couldn't bring myself to abandon the game before it ended (very close score throughout). Cute movie.

And so another weekend ends and another work week begins....
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lindsay said...

I am so on the Oregon bandwagon, LOL. I love that "I love my ducks" video!

Cami Ostman said...

Thanks so much for reading the book. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Sorry about the font. It wasn't so small when I wrote it! ;}

Keep running!