Thursday, November 4, 2010

Three things thankful Thursday

Ooh, a three-fer! Let's see what I can come up with.

I am super thankful for my "gardeners." That would be my head gardener, my dad, who will periodically come over to my house along with a guy that he pays to help him out, and spend hours weeding in my yard. I am also thankful for the neighbor boy who mows and edges my lawn and does a beautiful, very professional job. (That one I pay for but it is worth every penny!)

I am thankful in advance for Papa Murphy's Thin Crust Delite pizza. Canadian bacon and pineapple at 133 calories per slice for dinner tonight!

And I am thankful to get a last-minute haircut appointment at 10 a.m. tomorrow! I had an appointment last Friday and completely blew it off (by mistake of course). My hair stylist just had a cancellation and I'm in!

Last night I went for a 10-mile run after work. The weather was great, as I mentioned yesterday. Still, the after effects of that run remind me why it is usually better for me to run in the morning than at night. When I run in the morning I have a whole day of walking around at work and keeping my legs moving. At night, I get home after the run, and immediately sit down to eat dinner, watch TV, and then go to bed. When I went to bed I did have an ice pack for my ankle and a hot water bottle which I applied to my glutes and quads. Despite this "treatment," I woke up in the night with sore, achy legs and leg cramps. I ended up taking an Epsom salt bath at 1 a.m. which did, along with some Advil, soothe me enough to fall asleep. This doesn't usually happen when I run in the morning! So, I'm not saying I will never again put off a morning run to afternoon; however, hopefully I will think twice before I do.

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