Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving HBBC update

Zero. Yep, zero points on Thanksgiving yesterday. As previously whined about, I couldn't go for a run, and after that there was no opportunity for any cross-training or anything. As for the fruits and veg, I have gone over it again and again to see if a I can count out seven. I had a cup of berries + about 1/3 cup juice with breakfast (don't know if juice counts anyway). Lunch was snacky and had no fruits or veg (except for some tomatoes in the melty cheese dip). Dinner: brussels sprouts (2 servings between the cooking and meal), green beans, sweet potatoes (maybe 2 servings), about 1/4 cup mashed potatoes (I don't really count potatoes), some cranberry jelly (does that count?), and the dressing did have some apple, dried cherries, mushrooms and onion in it. (But I'm not sure if that counts either.) That might add up to seven if I get partial credit for the questionable items like juice, mashed potatoes, and dressing ingredients. I thought I could count a fruit for marionberry pie, but I was too full to eat pie and saved my piece for today!

This morning I did finally get out for a run. The snow is all gone, although there were still slushy icy spots in some places on the sidewalks. I ended up going 6.3 miles then walking .7 mile back from Safeway with my coffee. (7 points.) I thought of this as the last 10K of the marathon. (So I'm done then, right?)

Don't know if I'll manage the fruit and veg today though. I've been focusing on carb loading. :) Through lunch today I've just had half an apple (well, in addition to the carbs and sugar, e.g. a Pershing/Persian maple doughnut from Safeway after my run, and toast with maple almond butter for lunch). I'll eat the rest of the brussels sprouts later, and Chinese for dinner...not the healthy kind of Chinese, I fear. :)

Tomorrow my mom and I will head down to Seattle for the marathon. I learned my lesson last year about trying to drive there on Sunday morning; this year we're staying at the Westin. It's the official hotel for the race but it's a mile from the start with no shuttle...I guess they figure marathoners can WALK to the starting area. Ha! :)
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