Saturday, November 27, 2010

Marathon Eve

My mother and I drove down to Seattle this afternoon to stay over for the marathon. Yes, it is only 30-some miles away, but last year the morning traffic was so bad that we vowed not to do that again!

We're staying at the Westin, and at the last minute (about a week ago) I added Sunday night so we didn't have to rush home tomorrow. Plus my mom will have a place to hang out while I am running!

The hotel was VERY busy. Of course it was full of runners (not just staying here but going to the Expo as well), but there were also TONS of little kids with their parents. There must be something else happening for them.

After we settled into our nice, somewhat pie-shaped room (the hotel towers are round), we went down to the Expo so I could get my bib and chip and shop. I realized later that I didn't grab safety pins, but luckily I had some already pinned to other running gear.

The only thing I wanted from the Expo was another pair of compression socks (even though I ordered two pair online yesterday). I ended up with two pair, one black and one green. (Didn't need two, but the price was good, $50, no tax.) I have decided to wear my older pair to run tomorrow...this way I will have a clean pair for, well, recovery!

I had hoped to sign up with a pace group, but the only ones they had were up through 4:00, plus 4:45 (WHY?). I was hoping for 4:15 or thereabouts....

I decided to get an un-free 30-minute massage, so my mother headed back upstairs while I did. My ankle and calf have been tight all week, but I wore the compression socks today, and that and the massage helped a lot, I think.

I also ended up buying a Seattle Marathon hoodie. I am taken with the hoodie style because I like carrying stuff in the front pocket like a kangaroo. This one is white and it was the last obviously I had to snap it up.

We had reservations for dinner at Palomino, a WONDERFUL restaurant. But...we didn't feel like walking five blocks there in the dark. So I cancelled the reservation and we ordered room service instead.

The Westin has a lovely (though pricy) room service menu, but I wanted something simple. I ended up getting the kid's spaghetti with tomatoe sauce plus a kid's turkey sandwich. My mom got a more adult grilled chicken panini and tomato soup. I ate some of the soup and we also shared the two warm rolls that came with the soup. I think this did the job for carb-loading and I am not overstuffed. (We also had some cookies for dessert that I brought.)

I've set the alarm and requested a wake-up call, and also laid out my clothes and gear for morning. I'm still on the fence whether to wear a jacket other than my throwaway. I am sure I don't really need it...but I will decide in the morning, I guess.

Eight hours to wake up time....
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lindsay said...

hope the race is going well!!!

Laura said...

Very odd about the gap in pace groups, particularly because 4:15 and 4:30 tend to be among the most popular paces!