Friday, November 5, 2010

Day of thanks 5

Today I am thankful that the New York City marathon is going to air on Universal Sports channel on Sunday morning, as well as a recap version on NBC later in the day. I have already set my DVR, as I will be running a half marathon on Sunday. There is also a past NYC marathon (maybe last year?) on Universal Sports tonight.

This morning I had such a hard time getting up (AGAIN). I kept delaying the start of my run, and adjusting the total distance accordingly, as I had a haircut appointment at 10. When I finally went out I figured I could do six miles then come home for a quick shower and change.

But somewhere during the run it occurred to me that if I omitted the run home and shower I could squeeze in eight miles and just go directly to the hair salon. So I tweaked my route just enough to hit eight miles at the downtown Starbucks, with enough time leftover to grab an Americano and walk a few blocks to the hair salon.

An hour later, newly coiffed, I was ready to head home. However, the cool morning that had worked well for running seemed much chillier for walking, especially in my still slightly damp clothes and with a wind that had seemed to spring up. Brrrrr....

So a few blocks along my way I veered into Renee's to see if I could find a jacket or something on the sale racks to wear home. I didn't find much that fit the bill on sale, but the sales assistant found me a nice green pullover that looked really cute with a scarf I was ogling. I ended up walking out wearing the top and scarf over my running clothes. (After paying, of course.)

The remaining mile walk home was much more pleasant! But the shopping delay had cost me some time. Back home (with another coffee obtained on the way) I quickly sponge bathed and changed into jeans with my new shirt and scarf, then hustled off to work for the rest of the day.

Now I am watching the 2009 NYC marathon...hope it won't take the bloom off of Sunday!
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