Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day of thanks 10

An attorney that I know saw the PLU (Pacific Lutheran University) Alumni sticker on my car and asked me about going to PLU. His son is considering going--he's a javelin thrower and they're trying to recruit him. Cool. To me it's about the difference between a Lutheran University and a Jesuit Catholic University, but I suppose for them it's more about the track team and the financial aid package (attorneys who practice in Juvenile Court aren't usually rolling in dough).

Which leads me to what I am thankful for today...I am thankful that I got through college and law school without any major debt. This is due in some part to a fair amount of scholarships in undergrad, in large part the savings and generosity of my parents, and in huge part the fact that college costs some 20+ years ago were but a fraction of what they are today. Even with inflation, I am convinced that they are far greater now in proportion to income than they were back then. If I were going to college today I don't believe I could afford a private liberal arts school like PLU.
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