Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Last day of November Thanks

I ended my series of thankfulness posts on Thanksgiving, because that seemed like an appropriate conclusion point. But in the spirit of Thanksgiving month, I decided to finish with one final day of thanks.

Today I am thankful for running, and my ability to run. Running has provided me with years of fun, fitness, and a whole new reason to travel to fun places. I am so lucky that despite my dicey ankle/achilles, I have never been injured enough to stop running, and despite my penchant for tripping and falling, I haven't been hurt much worse than bloody knees. (Okay, there was/is my deformed bicep injury, but it totally did not interfere with running, except to the extent it affects how I look in a sleeveless shirt.) While I never will be extraordinarily fast, I have been thrilled by running faster (at times) than I ever would have believed possible. And even though I am feeling slow these days, I still believe that there is the potential for improvement (and new PRs) in my future. I am thankful for my endurance. Who would have thought I could run continually for four hours (and more), and walk away feeling pretty good, and thinking about future marathons not two days later! (Thinking about them, not actually running them....)

Oh, and as alluded to in my earlier post, I am really, really thankful for compression socks! (I'm pretty sure it's only a matter of time before I start exploring full length compression tights...assuming they make them for thunder thighs!)
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