Friday, November 26, 2010

Marathon dreams

I've had a few dreams about marathon running and they were vivid enough to stick with me.

Last night I dreamed I was running the Seattle Marathon (on an altternate dream-universe course, not the actual course). The first half passed uneventfully and I crossed the halfway point at a little over two hours, which I was happy about. I thought the second half was going to be the same but it was not...I soon came to a hill that was so steep everyone was walking. That would have been okay but when I started up it was SO steep that I couldn't even take one step forward. Gravity was holding me back. Before I could figure out what to do, I woke up.

Also last night, before I woke up, I was "remembering" another marathon/half marathon course that involved an obstacle course. That race never really happened...but I have dreamed about it before.

A while back I had a very interesting marathon dream where I finished with a 3:50-ish time and an 8:40ish pace. When I woke up I had to get out the calculator...yep, it works.

That's not anywhere near my expectations for Sunday, though. Expectations? Really, I have none. Hopes, desires, maybe. My "goal time" is about 4:15. I think if I shot for anything faster I would just burn out in the first few miles, or first half anyway. It's going to take some race day adrenaline even to make that happen. 4:30 may be more realistic. Somewhere in between would be okay too.

If there is a 4:15 pace group I might join it. I've never formally done a pace group before but I found it rather helpful hanging with the 4:00 group in the second half.
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greydawn said...

GOOD LUCK!!!!! and blog about you experience soon!