Thursday, November 25, 2010

Taper turkey

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

After my month of thankfulness I am in a bit of a grump this Thanksgiving morning. I have been reading everyone's blogs about their Turkey Trots and Thanksgiving runs and I am in a mood because I am not running on Thanksgiving, for the first time in years. (I've never had a formal race but I have always done at least a few miles.) Also today is Day 3 of not running and that is NOT GOOD. I feel like I am letting four months of marathon training slip away. I fully planned to run this morning, but it's been snowing more and when I told Rod I was going out to run he "suggested" that I was crazy and there is no way I can run on snow and ice (my YakTrax are at home, unfortunately, didn't think I'd need them). I beg to differ on my ability to run on snow, but it didn't seem worth an argument, so I conceded. (I will, however, feel secretly resentful all day.) Now I have no choice but to run tomorrow, regardless of what slush and slop may be on the roads (it is supposed to turn to rain later), and even though it is the day before the day before the marathon, traditionally a rest day, but I HAVE BEEN RESTING ALL WEEK! What's more, with the lack of exercise while still continuing to fuel for a marathon, I am starting to feel like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man (would be nice to have a link or a pic but I am limited with the BlackBerry, so Google it if you aren't old enough to have a recollection of 80s movie trivia). I have been wearing jeans that are a little stretched out and I refuse to wash them because I fear snugness if I do. Plus the roll of flab around my belly, which still exists even at the best of times, is feeling downright aggressive.

However, I am still about to make whole wheat pancakes for breakfast, because that is what my fueling plan suggests and it is, after all, Thanksgiving!

So there you have it. Please forgive the Thanksgiving Day rant and the excessively long paragraph and plethora of run-on sentences (like this one, because it is more effective to complain in a long string of spewage rather than a well-thought out, carefully punctuated dissertation, don't you think (especially if it includes liberal and unnecessary parentheticals)).

Have a wonderful day, running or not, eat yummy food, and try not to fight with your family!

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P said...

I am a big fan of lengthy and unnecessary parentheticals!! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and an even better run this morning!