Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thanks, Day 6

Today, obviously, I am thankful that the Oregon Ducks are having such a fantastic winning season! At this moment they are well on the way to another win in their undefeated streak. At the beginning of the fourth quarter the score is Oregon 39, Washington 16, and Oregon has been crazy in the fourth pretty much every game this year.

I'll admit that my Oregon fandom is a direct result of my relationship with Rod, who is an avid Duck from his law school days at U of O. I've jumped on the bandwagon because, why not? I love green and yellow.

Um, yes, I did go to law school at the University of Washington, so I guess this makes me a bit of a Benedict Arnold in this game. Don't get me wrong, I would love to see Washington have a winning season, but that ship has already sailed this year. I've never felt like much of a Husky, anyway. When I went to law school our building was not even on the main campus (though that has changed these days), and purple? Not so much.

I've kind of moved away from the thankfulness part of this post, so to recap: I am thankful for the Oregon Ducks' success because 1) it makes Rod really happy; 2) it's a lot of fun to see the team you like win big!; and 3) that Duck is so darned cute!

I waited to publish this until the game was over. FINAL SCORE: Oregon 53 - Washington 16.

On an unrelated note...I signed up for the New York City Marathon Athlete Alerts ($2.99 to follow up to three runners and get text messages of their splits). Two of my friends are running, so for the third spot I put in Bobby Flay. Just for kicks.

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