Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day of thanks 11 - Veterans' Day

This one is easy, obviously. Today I am thankful for all the men and women who have served in the military, as well as the future veterans--men and women who are serving today. It is also good to remember that Veterans' Day began as Armistice Day, the day that ended the first World War. So in many ways, it is a day that celebrates peace.

I took the opportunity of this day off work to do one final longer run before tapering toward the Seattle Marathon. I planned for 16-18 miles but really wanted to do 18, of course.

I wasted most of a very nice morning (weatherwise) by sleeping in then lounging in bed reading and watching the Today show. I can't feel too bad about that (except for the loss of the weather), since I so rarely have a chance to do this!

I finally dragged myself out of bed while the sun was still out, but by the time I was dressed and geared up the clouds were taking over. I had dressed with some sun in mind, so I was wearing a short-sleeved shirt rather than long-sleeved, thinking I'd get warm soon enough. I also wore gloves, luckily.

It was cool but comfortable when I went out. I hadn't mapped a route, but figured I'd use my knowledge of distances around town to put my route together. I had some thought that I would loop down around the waterfront, but ended up not doing that.

First three miles--up to 41st and back to Everett Avenue. Instead of heading east into my Riverside-to-waterfront loop, though, I kept going north on Colby and followed my usual running route for several miles.

Unfortunately, it was breezy enough that I was a little cold, and didn't get warm even running. I decided that I needed to stop by my house and get a jacket, especially as it had begun raining lightly. I kept stretching the distance before turning around, though, and hit 12 miles just at my house (well, it took some running around the block to get there).

At mile 8 I had pulled out a packet of Luna Moons and ate four pieces, one about every half mile. I finished the package at a light near my house.

At home, I used the bathroom and put on a jacket. I did briefly contemplate stopping at 12 miles but just couldn't bring myself to do it. I only had six miles to go, an easy run!

Just to make it easy, I decided just to repeat my normal running route to get through the six miles. I had been listening to podcasts (two episodes of Phedippidations = 12 miles) but switched to music for the final six.

My legs did start feeling tired after 13 miles or so, but I was feeling good mentally and didn't need too much shoring up. My average pace after 12 miles was 10:29, and my average at the end was 10:32. I slowed down a little, but not too much.

The last few miles were all about goals. Get to the 15 mile point, then there's only three to go. Get to the next block. And the next. And the next. Get to 17 miles, then I can turn around and head for Starbucks.

The last mile was basically downhill, which is a nice way to finish. I reached Starbucks at 18.02 miles, without having to run extra around the block.

Before Starbucks, I popped into QFC and bought some pre-cut watermelon, slow-churned peppermint ice cream (for tonight) and a 7-pound bag of ice (which also helped keep the ice cream from melting on the way home).

The half mile walk home seemed quite long, but finally I was there, happily. After ungearing, the first order of business was my ice bath. I stayed in for 20 minutes! Drinking my peppermint mocha and eating a PR Bar helped pass the time. I also clipped on my iPod and listened to the radio, and did a little reading of Runner's World.

Then I laid in bed to warm up (I didn't want to hop right into the hot shower) and watched Marie Osmond on Oprah. Tears were shed.

To keep hunger at bay till dinner, I had a sandwich thin with almond butter and superfruit spread, and some watermelon. I think I am a little too dehydrated (in general, and running makes it worse), so I need to up my water intake. When I got on the scale my water percentage was down to 53%, but I'm not sure how accurate the reading was as my feet were still very cold from the ice bath and that may skew the accuracy. (I prefer to think so, as my body fat showed WAY up and my weight was just the same as it has been.)

I am roasting more squash tonight. And I have lefover brussels sprouts from yesterday. Mmmmm roasted vegetables. Love.
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