Friday, December 10, 2010

I used to be fast

No, this is not another whiny post about slow running. I'm talking about walking.

Even before I was a runner, I was a pretty fast walker, leaving companions trailing at my heels. Even though I was overweight and out of shape, I was brisk.

Nowadays, I feel much less speedy on the sidewalk. Between the sore achilles tendon and ankle flare-ups, combined with random soreness and DOMS from races and long runs, I find myself frequently hobbling and dragging when I walk.

It must seem crazy to those who know I run (sometimes even run fast!) to see me limping around at work. (Then when you add in stiffness from sitting for any extended period, I'm pretty much thoroughly crippled.) And let's not even talk about getting out of a car after a long drive!

On the positive side, people don't complain much about walking with me anymore.

HBBC Friday - 7 mile run, 1 point F&V.
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Sally HP said...

Oh my gosh! Are we supposed to be tracking on our blog the points for Holiday Booty Blaster?! I've just been entering it into the spreadsheet from my ghetto little piece of paper! I was also a much faster walker before, but I can't say it ever translate to being a fast runner. I'll be ecstatic if I ever get to the place that I can sustain sub 11.