Monday, December 27, 2010

December 22 Christmas Light Run

On December 22 (last Wednesday) I just couldn't drag myself out of bed for an early morning run. The weather forecast for the afternoon was somewhat optimistic, though, so I compromised with an after work evening run. This also allowed me to enjoy some pretty Christmas lights! I think Christmas lights always look nicer on older houses, like these.

This is so sweet and symmetrical. Very classic.
I was quite taken by the bright blue lights on this white house!
A sparkly outdoor Christmas tree.
My favorite! This house is always charmingly decked out for all the seasons and holidays. The owners must be truly artistic.
This is one of my favorite houses in the area; unfortunately you can't see the upper story here. I wish they had turned on some interior lights so you could see the shape of the house better!
Total run was about 7.5 miles. I unfortunately forgot to restart my Garmin after the stop to take this last photo, but I am pretty sure that I went about half a mile (six blocks) by the time I noticed and started it up again.

I met my mother at Starbucks afterward for peppermint mochas, then we went Christmas shopping (yes, in running clothes).


Alma said...

very nice lights!

Laura said...

Pretty! Having been in Manhattan for the last four years, I've forgotten about holiday lighting on houses like we used to tour when I lived in suburbia. Made me miss that!