Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fab food day

I had the best food experiences today. I went to Sisters Restaurant to meet a friend for lunch, but she got stuck in court and had to cancel. I was there already, so I went ahead and ordered lunch to go.

I had the special salad, called Texas Caesar, romaine topped with sundried tomato, bell pepper, corn, parmesan, and delicious cornbread croutons (I ate every one). But the star of the salad was the cilantro vinaigrette. To.Die.For. I used half of it and sort of wanted to drink the rest. I also had a cup of soup, also SO good. Ham hock, butter bean, and sweet potato. AND the best whole wheat roll ever.

As I left I saw a bin of pomegranates marked $1.69 each at the Co-op next door. I bought three, and they only charged me .99 each! Then as I left again I noticed kabocha squash in the squash bin. I haven't seen that for months! I bought five. :)

Tonight with dinner I roasted kabocha slices sprinkled with brown sugar. candy!

HBBC today - 70 min + 50 min elliptical = 8 points. One hour yoga = 3 points. And F&V = 1 point.
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