Thursday, December 30, 2010

Last run of the year

This morning was my last run of 2010, 7.27 miles slow and easy. I had to take one final Christmas light picture...this is the top half of a decked-out tree. I found it quite appealing.

It would have been nice to go eight miles but I simply could not get up early enough to make that feasible. As it was, I went about a mile further than was really advisable...luckily it was a light morning in court!

The outdoor temperature was quite cold (freezing or below), but it was clear and dry. I wore a fleece hat to combat the chill, but probably didn't need it (I ended up with a sweaty head).

Later in the day (let's say during lunch, shall we?) I pulled the trigger and signed up for several races, mostly because of fees going up on 1/1. So it will be the Portland Marathon in October, the Whidbey Half on April 10 (a tune-up race before Boston), and the Shamrock 15K in mid-March. I also made hotel reservations and bought plane tickets for Bloomsday in Spokane, the first weekend in May (although I haven't registered yet). There are more to come (including a decision on Seattle R 'n' R) but that was enough for one day.

Tomorrow should be rather busy, with skiing in the morning and a trip to Eastern WA after (where there is limited wireless signal). In case I am not back before the New Year, have a good one, everyone!
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