Sunday, December 5, 2010

Once again all I have...

...Is my HBBC update. I turned on the computer tonight to download some pics from my mom's camera--I even drove to her house to get it--but quickly got distracted by Christmas shopping. Which quickly turned to Christmas shopping for myself...I needed a few ideas for the question "what do you want for Christmas?" (Boots, baby! Well, maybe, anyhow.)

So, just so I don't forget, HBBC weekend update:
Saturday: A mere 5 points, all running. (4-mile Jingle Bell Run, plus one extra mile.) Fruit and veg? Actually I did have a great veggie scramble for breakfast after the run, plus fruit on the side, but at best that would constitute 4 (or so) servings. The rest of the day...I doubt that the veggies on a slice of pizza, or lettuce, tomato and onion on a burger, or a piece of apple pie, really made up for the remaining 3 servings.

Sunday: 90 minutes elliptical (6 points), 20 minutes pushups and yoga (mostly yoga) (1 point), F&V 1 point.

Note to self: don't forget to enter Thursday, Friday and weekend in spreadsheet. Or did I already do Thursday? Now I need to go back and count again, darn it!
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