Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A quick update

I did start running again on Saturday...I did a 4-mile Jingle Bell Run up in Mount Vernon, followed by a very slow additional mile so I could at least say I ran five miles! The "race" actually went pretty well. My finish time on the clock was 33:20, so I'll adopt that, although my watch said 33:36. It really was a "fun run" as well as a fun run--they didn't even record finish times. I'm pretty happy I did it, since it gave me a chance to prove (to myself) that I can still run sub-8:30 pace, which gives me hope that I'll get my legs back again in the future.

My ankle was surprisingly sore later and the next day, though. I scrapped my plans of running again on Sunday and opted for some elliptical time instead.

My greatest obstacle this week (and I don't suppose it will change over the winter) was getting myself out of bed early enough to get some miles in. On Monday I dilly-dallied but still squeezed in 6.2 miles without being too shockingly late to work. Today, Wednesday, I had hoped to increase to seven miles, but just barely had enough time for 6.25.

I just managed to get to Starbucks this morning when the rain started. By the time I left Starbucks a few minutes later we were in the midst of a full-fledged storm, sheets of driving rain and wind (luckily at my back as I walked home!). Shortly after I got into the house (thoroughly drenched), I heard thunder. I see that the forecast for Friday (next running day) still shows 60% chance of rain. But really it's not the rain itself that is so bad, unless it is pouring and windy as well!

I resolved to return to yoga in December and attend at least two classes a week. Last week I went on Wednesday and Thursday, plus I did a 15-minute yoga series on my own Sunday. My abs have really been feeling the planks and push-ups from Sunday!

HBBC update for Monday and Tuesday:
Monday - 6.2 miles running (6.2 points). Didn't meet the F&V quota. I went out to dinner and I really can't get enough in unless I am doing the cooking!
Tuesday - 66 minutes elliptical (4.4 points) plus F&V = 5.4 points.
Wednesday - I've already entered 6.25 points for my run, but will add in F&V plus whatever I do at the Y tonight.

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Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

way to go on the race.

I agree getting the FV is totally about me cooking at home!