Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday mishmash

Love this Target ad.

If you are shopping for yoga clothes or other active sportswear, here's a sweet 40% discount from Fila.com. I bought these padded knee yoga pants (at full price), then got an email with the discount code. So I bought another pair for a gift...or whatever. Use code 40HOLIDAY (40% off entire order).

On Sunday night I spent some time watching the NBC Kona Ironman special, which I had DVR'd on Saturday. I'm sure anyone who watched the live coverage online would consider this version wildly chopped, but I liked the little stories about various participants, both professional and amateur. I didn't mind at all that the swim coverage was rather truncated...I think I got a good feel for the flailing legs and bodies. I had no idea that in addition to the overall time limits for the event, that there is a swim deadline and people can (and do) get eliminated if they don't finish the swim in time!

I sort of fell asleep while I was watching (as I do with everything), so I don't even know who won,* but that hardly even matters. (Although I might watch again and find out. Or at least watch the end bit that I missed.) I watched for pure entertainment and to enjoy the scenery. You know, the Kona scenery. Although I must say, the athletic scenery was pretty sweet as well! Ironmen are true eye candy, aren't they? More so than "mere" marathon runners.

I have no desire to do a triathlon, and certainly not an ironman or half ironman, but watching it does make for good entertainment.

HBBC and running update:
Monday - 57 minute elliptical (3.8 points) plus a great, hard yoga class (3 points) plus F&V (1 point) = 7.8 point. (If you are wondering why I didn't do the extra three minutes on the elliptical, it is because I really had to use the bathroom before yoga, otherwise it would be very painful to get through! A whole new meaning to "flow.")
Tuesday - 6.3 mile run plus half mile walk home this morning. Anticipate no additional exercise, so with F&V my total will be 7.8. (I'm going to enter both days into the spreadsheet now before I forget. I promise to eat my veggies!)

*Actually I do know now, I saw it on the internet.

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Laura said...

That IS a cute ad. And thanks so much for the discount code! Great deal.

I wish I had DVRed the Kona coverage - maybe I'll get lucky and they'll replay it. I watched it just one year but found it SO inspirational.