Friday, December 3, 2010


Or not writing, as the case may be. I signed up for a writing exercise project called Reverb 2010, where every day you get an email with a topic to write on (through the month of December). I have yet to do any...maybe I will get into it, maybe I won't.

One of the prompts asks what interferes with your writing, and how can you eliminate that interference? In my case I think it is exhaustion, or maybe just weariness. By the time I get through a sometimes draining day of work, plus running or cross-training either before or after work, and making and eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I just don't have the energy to turn my brain to, say, a race report of the Seattle Marathon.

But it's coming. The pictures are out, and I like several of mine! I ordered the digital download, but I'm still waiting for my link.

Tomorrow morning I am breaking my "no races in December" vow and running a Jingle Bell 4-mile Run up in Mount Vernon. To be followed by breakfast at the Calico Cupboard and a little small-town shopping. This will be my first run AT ALL since the marathon. I seriously wanted to give my legs a decent rest. I wasn't just being lazy! I have a snazzy red and green outfit set out. Not as stylish as all you ladies in the running skirts and knee socks, but cute all the same.

HBBC for December 2-3 (gotta remember to get this on the spreadsheet):
December 2 - 90 min elliptical, 60 min yoga, + F&V = 10 points.
December 3 - 90 min elliptical + F&V = 7 points.
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Laura said...

Lots of people seem to be doing Reverb, but yours is the first blog I've found that actually explained what it was! Thanks for clearing up the confusion. I may give it a try in 2011, if it's still going on then...