Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September morn

For the first time this summer, it was dark out when I left to go running.

Of course, it was also 40 minutes earlier than I usually go, so that plays a part.

Still, it was a slightly unsettling taste of the fall and winter months to come. (Although with the temperature in the mid-50's it was still very mild.)

Even more unsettling—my ipod battery was completely dead this morning! On a day when I planned to do 10 miles! Ten miles without an ipod—unheard of!

I wasted a few minute looking for an old Walkman, then gave up and set out. Without music in my ear, the last song I'd heard on the TV earlier kept echoing in my head. It was the song from the Geico Caveman commercial, "let me be myself." Yup. Nice.

Other than that, it really wasn't bad. I got used to listening to the sound of my breath and my feet hitting the sidewalk. When my mind got working on a train of thought I barely noticed the silence. I noticed most whenever I started up after a brief pause and would think, "where's the music?"

I wouldn't want to do it too much, but it's good to know I CAN run without music.

10.05 miles, 9:29 average pace.

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