Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fairhaven Waterfront 15K - Big PR!

It was a great morning. I've always had a good time (in all senses of the word) at the Fairhaven 15K, and today was no exception.

Official time 1:17:26, average pace 8:19 (my birthday!). I was also 6th in my age group, which obviously has no significance, but I can assure you it was a big race and there were many, many more than six women in the 40-44 age group. :)

I'm also pretty astounded that this pace is actually my fastest pace in any race, except for a few (very few) 5K's! And my 10K split (51:30-ish) was about a minute better than my 10K PR.

My splits were shockingly consistent--8:14, 8:19, 8:19, 8:19, 8:19, 8:28, 8:21, 8:16, 8:20, 8:14, and the final .32 at 7:42 pace. My original objective had been to run the first 10K at 8:30 pace and the final 5K at 8:15 pace. Didn't do that exactly, but my average was better!

A big thank you to Lisa (Discovering the Meaning of Stonehenge) for her encouraging words... She predicted I would go under 80 minutes! Thanks for the good vibes!

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lifestudent said...

That is amazing! CONGRATS :)

Terri said...

Awesome Job, Kristin!! Wow! Those are amazing paces, and to keep them up for over 9 miles is just awesome.

I can't believe it's almost a year since the Maine Woman's Half Marathon!!

aron said...

CONGRATS!!!! you ran an awesome race :)