Sunday, September 20, 2009

Running without Garmin

This morning* I decided to go for a run even though I ran yesterday and plan to run tomorrow. It was the usual Sunday morning dilemma when I've already run Saturday. What am I going to do for exercise Sunday when I've run on Saturday? The Y doesn't open till noon, too late. Besides, I only did 7 miles on Saturday, the weekend can certainly absorb more. I decided to make it a short run, 5 or 6 miles, maybe 7, certainly no more than 8.

But when I pulled out Garmin, it had no power! Can't imagine how that happened. But I had no choice but to run naked--that is, without Garmin. Nothing to tell me my pace, distance, etc.

I did rely on the mileage signs around Jennings Park to figure how far I had gone. By complicated use of math (and my knowledge of the area), I am pretty sure I ended up with a total of 8 miles. That made sense because my running time was about 80 minutes. Although I didn't think I was quite that slow....

Tomorrow morning will be the last run of the summer! Also the one-year anniversary of last year's Maine Coast Half Marathon. That was a fun race, wish I could go back!

*Actually I decided in advance last night.


joyRuN said...

I think I actually need to run w/o my Garmin more. This pace obsession's gotta be unhealthy, no?

CONGRATS on your first female finish - SWEET pace!!!

Terri said...

Hard to believe that race was a year ago last week. At the time running a half-marathon seemed SHORT?! What a difference a year makes...

You wrote on my blog a while ago about how much you love New England even though you've never lived there. That's how I feel about the Oregon coast. I wish I had enough time last time I was out there to try to make it to Washington State. It sounds beautiful too.

Kristin said...

Hey Terri,
I tried a couple times to respond to your comments, but my BlackBerry thwarted me! I think the Oregon coast is beautiful too (and the CA coast), nicer than the Washington COAST, really, which is all ocean beaches and not so much of the dramatic scenery. But the Puget Sound area (Seattle, Everett and Tulalip, Anacortes, Bellingham) is very lovely and pleasant to visit. (Plus, as you can tell, I'm a big fan of the runs up in Anacortes, Bellingham, etc.!) You asked in another comment whether I lived near Everett... actually I live IN Everett, though I've never been to that particular espresso stand (more of a SBUX fan :). There's been all kinds of hooplah about these bikini barristas lately, now this story hits the news. From a defense attorney point of view, though, I question whether this really constitutes prostitution... I guess we shall see!