Sunday, September 27, 2009

A good race!

I ran the Bellingham Bay Half Marathon this morning, and it was great! I really loved this run, and not just because I did well. I think Bellingham is just a really wonderful place for running (see Fairhaven 15K, two weeks back).

I'll try to put together a more detailed race report in a couple days, but here's some quick and dirty details. Garmin time 1:53;18, which should be about the same as chip time, if I was good about starting and stopping at the right points. My finish time on the clock was under 1:54.

So this is almost certainly a PR, about 16 seconds faster than Anacortes. Not much (and remember I wasn't even looking to PR), but it is worth noting (worth it to me, anyway), that the Anacortes race measured a little short on my watch and this was much longer, 13.23 miles total! My average pace for that distance was 8:35. About half of my miles were about that pace exactly, with a few laggers and several a bit faster (my last full mile was 8:12!).

I really do want to write more about this run, but I'll wait for a real computer. I can hear marathon runners outside passing the hotel (actually it's other people clapping and hollering I hear). Now we're about to head out to have lunch and stroll around the Fairhaven shops, and shop for the item(s) I forgot to bring...and it's not a toothbrush.


Terri said...

awesome job!! Wow! especially to finish up with that fast of a mile - 8:12!! Congratulations, and I look forward to hearing more details about the race.

Oh, and by the way, I got all of your comments on my blog the other night - I'm not sure why your Blackberry kept telling you they were not going through.

and I agree with you - the way they described the bikini barristas' actions - that didn't sound like prostitution in the legal sense to me! I thought that was your town!!

aron said...

awesome job and CONGRATS on the PR!!