Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Quick stats

I was adding up my miles for last week and, thanks to the extra day of running, I am pretty sure I hit a mileage PR with 47.92 miles. This is with the week "beginning" on Monday and ending on Sunday (which is the format of my calendar). If I look at the actual calendar week, last Sunday through Saturday, my mileage for that period was 50.91!* Unheard of.

This week my total mileage will be lower, however, as I am only running on Monday (done), Wednesday, and then the 15K on Saturday. I should still total more than 25 miles, though, unless I totally go short tomorrow.

*Because my Sunday run on 8/30 was three miles longer than 9/6.

1 comment:

aron said...

congrats on the mileage PR either way you look at it :) i count monday to sunday, but i know some people count sunday to saturday :)