Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Adventures in DVR!

Tonight I am using the DVR to time shift for the first time. I set it to record The Biggest Loser at 8 p.m., then went off to the Y for a stint on the elliptical. I got home at 8, then was able to take out the garbage and make dinner, then start watching The Biggest Loser from the beginning at 9:00 (plus FF through commercials if I want). It seemed like no matter how hard I try, I could never be ready to watch at 8 (even without going to the Y). So I'd end up just coming in for the weigh-in and missing the early fun stuff--challenges and the like. This is much better!

It is SO COLD tonight. It kind of makes me dread my early morning run tomorrow, or at least worry about it. I think I had better dig out some gloves!
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