Saturday, September 26, 2009


There was an article about last Saturday's Marysville YMCA Family Fun Run in the Marysville Globe* this week. While two long paragraphs were devoted to the (male) winner of the 5-mile and the (male) second-place finisher, there was not even a mention of the first-place female finisher. Apparently that is not important to the residents of Marysville. Or at least to the person who was covering the race for the paper (I saw him there with his camera). Not that I care one freakin' little bit!**

*Small, extremely insignificant local weekly paper.
**It may sound like I care. :) I think I am just bemused at the different view of things taken by runners and non-runners. I am pretty sure that any runner would differentiate between the male and female winners of any race (and might even be interested in the age-group winners, at least if one was an age-group winner). And I must admit I might have liked having my name in the town paper as the "winner" of a race, even if I was only the "female winner." In a small race with very poor turnout.

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Terri said...

You won for the women?! That's awesome! Very amusing, indeed.

By the way, are you close to Everett, WA? They had something on our news about women at the local coffee shop stand thing that you can drive through that were arrested for prostitution or something like that - they were taking people's money and then asking if they wanted a little "extra" before they gave them any change.... I said to my husband, "Kristin lives in WA - I wonder if that's close to her?!"