Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What I saw on my walk today...

I've taken to going for walks after work a few days a week during the summer. It's kind of ironic because I purposely stopped going to the Y in the evenings for the summer, to allow myself a little more free summer time. Before you know it I've substituted walking for elliptical time... but at least I get to do it outdoors.

I have to admit that my ulterior motive is squeezing a little more credit into my daily calorie allotment, either so I can eat more at dinner or to atone for some little slip during the day (a bite of donut, a few extra nuts). I'm not sure if this is slightly sick or a really good idea.

Today that idea was only to walk to Starbucks/QFC for an iced latte and home again. The mile I would cover in this trip should consume 80 calories, which is the number of calories in an iced triple grande skinny hazelnut latte. Fair exchange, I figured.

But then I decided to add on an extra mile or so, just because today was the day that I had a small bite of donut and a couple of nuts (plus a sample bite of cookie when I got to QFC). So before I headed to the store I turned in the opposite direction for about six blocks or so, then turned around and headed south again.

I spotted this fence covered with white climbing roses on my way back along Virginia. A special treat to go with the iced latte!

I am working on my Fourth of July Recap post; this was just an interim post. Happy Tuesday!

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Meg Runs said...

I love those roses, they are a treat...one more thing to keep you out there moving forward, right?