Monday, July 20, 2009

Recovery run

By the way, I ran today. Day 4 of consecutive running (tomorrow is a non-running day, for sure). (Even more impressive--not to mention shocking--I went through this entire weekend, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and got up before 6 a.m. every single day!)

I wasn't sure how my legs would react today, but after an intentionally slow and easy start, I let myself pick up the pace a little bit. I managed to squeeze in 10K (6.21 miles, 58:26) before stopping at Starbucks for a short latte and walking the final half mile home. (The walk home was part of the recovery plan!)

My splits were a bit faster than I had expected, or intended.

1 - 10:23
2 - .53 at 9:35 pace
3 - 9:45
4 - 9:15
5 - 9:05
6 - 9:09
7 - .69 at 8:22

After work I arranged to meet my mother at Starbucks so we could use my drink receipts (one from my early morning short latte, one from a later tall) to get $2 iced drinks. I wanted to walk a bit before hand so I took off around the neighborhood. After about two miles I noticed my pace was dropping below 15 minutes frequently, so I started wondering whether I could finish four miles in an hour. I hit Starbucks at three miles (after doing an extra loop around the parking lot), so I sent the drinks off with my mother and told her I'd meeet her at my house in 15 minutes.

I really sped through that last mile, but it wasn't fast enough to make up for the first mile or two (when I didn't have the speed goal developed yet), and my time for the four miles was about one hour and one minute. Pretty darn close!

Finally, I ended up adding another unplanned 2.25 mile walk when I rode to my sister's house along with my mother, and we agreed to go for a walk with everyone, including the baby and the dog. I pushed the stroller! Extra Livestong credit for that. Lucky for me, not only does that cover everything I've eaten today, it leaves me a deficit to help make up (in advance) for the Starbucks pastry I'm planning on tomorrow morning.

Well, it's late now, and I need to get to bed. Another early morning tomorrow! (Extra early to make my stop at Starbucks!)

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MCM Mama said...

Nice job getting in a run and some extra walking!