Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just a quick one

Earlier today I started writing about the extremely hot weather, and the doom that portends for the half marathon on Saturday, but really, finishing that post is bound to make me even more cranky and depressed than I already am, so I've abandoned it. Instead I'm just writing a quick post about my run this morning, with a brief nod to the weather.

It is hot. Very very hot. You may have heard about it on the news, actually. The Seattle area hit a record high 100+ degrees today. In Everett it apparently only made the 90's. Even now, after 9 p.m., I've heard that it is still in the upper 80's. At my house, it is about 86 degrees in the living room area, according to the thermostat. I have a couple of fans on, blowing the air around. I don't have a thermometer upstairs in my bedroom. I do have a good window fan (not an air conditioner) which usually cools things down pretty well. However, it blows in the outside air, so if it is still hottish outside, I don't know how well it will do.

I am getting hotter just writing about this. Or maybe it is from holding the laptop....

Okay, I've moved it off my lap and got some more iced tea. Better.

Today was my final run prior to the half marathon on Saturday. I went out at 6:30. Even then it was already warm out, though by no means hot. I ran using a new fuel belt I bought yesterday, when I heard that the extreme weather could extend through the weekend. I know you normally shouldn't do something new in a race, but I think this can be an exception. Extra hydration is probably worth the risk of trying something unfamiliar. And actually, after the first couple mile I didn't even notice I was wearing it. Although I don't know that I will be very good at drinking on the run.

I did about three miles of warm-up (10:15, 9:35, 9:35) then went to the track for quarter-mile intervals (six of them). Between each I jogged about 45 seconds and walked a little and drank some water. My quarter-mile measurements were a little questionable, so I'll emphasize the pace for each segment rather than the actual time.

1 - .24 mile at 7:18 pace (1:45)
2 - .25 mile at 7:08 pace (1:45)
3 - .25 mile at 7:24 pace (1:52)
4 - .25 mile at 7:15 pace (1:50)
5 - .26 mile at 7:18 pace (1:53)
6 - .25 mile at 7:26 pace (1:15)

Then another half mile or so at 9:11 pace.

Total: 5.55 miles. 50:40. Average pace 9:11.

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The short story is... said...

That is a pretty good pace (especially given the heat)...

Yeah...WTH is up with the weather in Seattle? That's just crazy.

Your rant on Lisa's blog (about people who don't come to a complete stop) completely made me laugh and nod in agreement!