Sunday, July 26, 2009

Baseball is like a 15K

Rod didn't seem impressed by my analogy,* but I find it pretty amusing! (You know, a baseball game is 9 innings, a 15K is 9-ish miles.) I came up with that as I was inadvertently thinking that the faster each team struck out, the faster the game would move forward. Just like in a race, the faster you can run each mile, the sooner the whole thing will be done!

That makes it sound like I don't LIKE baseball. That's not true. Sure, I'm not a FAN or anything, but I have an interest in the Mariners doing well** and it's fun to go to a game now and then. It's just that I have a hard time just sitting still watching. I like to multi-task (that is, entertainment-wise). I regretfully decided against bringing along magazines (let alone a book), but I do have my little pocket-sized toy, the BlackBerry! So far I've texted my mom, read one blog post on the google reader (I'm rationing myself), updated Facebook, and started writing this.

And just like in a run where you start thinking about something else and the miles fly by, the game is moving along. We're almost done with the first 5K! Er, three innings....

*Or would it be a simile? I think it can be either.

*Unfortunately, they lost BIG today. I added this later, obviously. We left after the 8th inning and at that time the score was 12 to 2 (oh dear). We had to walk back to the train ("the Sounder"), anyway, and it's quite a trip going from high in the stadium then over to the terminal (that part has to be at least half a mile). The train ride from Everett to Seattle is about an hour this way and the whole route, except for the first bit in Everett and the last bit in Seattle, is along the water. It's a fun, scenic ride. This is a picture of us on the train waiting to leave Everett Station. My head really isn't that big!

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