Saturday, July 25, 2009

Got me some new shoes!

I forgot to mention yesterday, in my rhapsody over my great run, how I was floating along in my brand new Asics Gel Kayano 15's. They just came in the mail a few days ago; I ordered them from Road Runner, using one of their email promotions, and avoided the time and trouble of a trip down to the Seattle store. (Also saved money, in that I always buy more than just shoes when I go in the store!) I have been loving the Gel Kayanos for several years now, and this is my second pair of 15's. (And my third pair, with a PINK stripe, is on order.) I always seem to get my new shoes in July, before the Anacortes Half Marathon, and again in late winter before the spring races begin.
Yesterday afternoon I flew out of work as soon as I could and headed north (slowed by glacial traffic) to meet Rod and head out to my parents' at the beach.

The sun had finally made it out, and it was really pleasant, around 80 perhaps, although it's always a little breezy at the beach. We were planning to go swimming (well, go in the water) but the tide came in faster than I had expected and was rather high already when we arrived.

Puget Sound bay beaches are very unlike other beaches, especially the warm ones. Our water is always cold-ish, by any measure, but can seem warmer on hot days with a low tide. The sun warms up the bare mudflats, then the mud warms the water as it comes in. But that effect diminishes the higher the tide gets.

Nonetheless, we were there to swim, so we made our way down to the beach and waded in. Then commenced a long period of standing in the water, about waist deep, trying to gather courage to take the plunge! I was the first to go. I sunk into the water and then quickly emerged. I managed one more dip before Rod even went in. But then he did manage to stay in enough to do a little paddling and backstroking. I tried a little swimming but couldn't hack it for long. So instead I jogged back and forth in the water, pretending I was doing something legit like water running.

Then the best part--getting out of the water and lying on deck chairs in the sun to dry off!

At about 7:15 we headed back up to the house to get dinner together. Hamburgers, coleslaw (made by me with a potpourri of added veggies) and watermelon chunks. Oh, and sweet potato tortilla chips.

While we were fixing dinner we started to see flashes of lightning! Then, suddenly, a deluge of rain! Luckily, we weren't eating outside. The storminess continued for a while, despite an absolutely blazing sunset (wish I'd taken a picture).

When Rod and I left around 9:30 the rain had stopped but we stepped out into a stunning pocket of warm, wet humidity. Not something we are accustomed to here! It felt like Hawaii.

This morning it is nice again and I am already to head out for a run in a few minutes. I had intended 10 miles for today, but I did 10 yesterday... hmmm. I might go 12 (but no more). And I guess I could go less, if I wanted! We shall see.
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You got really nice shoes for running!! Comfortable shoes are best for athletics...