Monday, August 25, 2008

Yes, I am clueless

So a little bit ago my mother called and said, "Did you see Michelle Obama's speech?" I said, "Hunh?" I got home around 7:00 and spent an hour looking at the blogs and watching, um (look of embarrassment), That Seventies Show, while passing time before making dinner. I obviously didn't realize that "the good stuff" would start so soon! (Okay, I am also the person who missed Bill Clinton's speech in 1992, because I was driving my parents to Vancouver to get on a cruise ship.)*

I do see that I can watch it on (and also apparently on Obama's website), although hopefully it will still be available tomorrow because the sound has mysteriously disappeared from my computer at home and it probably would not be that interesting without it. Hillary is speaking tomorrow night (so I hear) and I'm going out to dinner so I guess I'll tape it. (I am still living in the video dark ages and Tivo is little more than a funny-sounding word to me.)

It's kind of exhausting, after two weeks of constant Olympics saturation, jumping right into the convention. Beach volleyball, Michael Phelps, Barack Obama—a natural progression?

*But at least I didn't miss the marathon!


Deene said...

i watched The Michelle speech. you didn't miss anything deeply profound, what she said was predictable. Sen. Kennedy delivered a moving speech however.

Terri said...

I agree, it's a rough switch to make, since I was Olympics-obsessed there for a few weeks.

Oh, and to comment on something you said in your race report - you're not the only one who has pictured yourself as, or with Deena Kastor. I've done that a few times too, as recently as my 17 miler this past weekend, when I was trying everything to just keep moving forward, toward the end...