Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ipod Fartleks

My Sunday long run was at Green Lake, where the 3.2 mile outer loop is a convenient, but rather tedious, way to rack up the mileage. After the first two revolutions I needed something to change my mental scenery, if not the physical scenery.

Loop #3 I used the "repeat power songs" method. That's where I replay my favorite running songs over and over again until I'm done with the distance. I used to have three consecutive power songs, which was convenient because they covered about a mile's distance, and three replays would take me around the park. Now I have four, which works even better, because by the time I'm into repeat #3, I'm almost done! (Check out power songs #1*, #2, #3, #4.)

For loop #4 I decided to do iPod fartleks. I would run hard for the duration of a song, then rest during the next song, repeating again and again till I made my way around to the beginning.

So that was four times around, for 12.8 miles. I finished up by moving to the 2.8-mile inside track that goes around the lake, the one that is popular with walkers and thus more crowded than the outer perimeter.

On the outer loop I was being passed all the time; pretty much everyone out there going my directions was passing me. Anyone who didn't pass me I guess was going the same speed as me, because I don't remember passing anyone myself! I figure the outer runners must be the more "serious" runners, and the inside ones the "joggers" because I passed several (in addition to walkers, of course).

I continued around for about 2, 2.3 miles. Then I stopped and walked back to the car. 15.2 miles running; 15.73 miles altogether. Not a bad Sunday morning.

*This was the only video I could find on You Tube; hope the profanity doesn't offend anyone.


Michelle J said...

Ipod Fartleks, i like that a lot!!

Good choice of songs by the way!!

Laura said...

I'm up to about 40 minutes of power songs! Unfortunately, they kind of lose their motivation as "power songs" if I play them for 40 minutes.