Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dinner with the girls

Remember when you weren't the oldest of everyone you knew?

Clockwise from left....

  • Corey - 14 years younger than me. Just did the Danskin triathlon and thinks that triathlons are her "thing" (as long as it is not too cold out).
  • Mary - About 12 years younger than me. Our newest attorney and the sweetest person you could meet!
  • Ann - My business partner, 1.75 years younger than me. Watched the Olympics obsessively and became rather depressed that she wasn't Dara Torres.
  • Jennifer - 10 years younger than me. Pregnant!
  • Kari - 12 years younger than me. Used to be a gymnast - now she can walk on the balance beam (probably).
  • ME! Older than all of them, but I can run further and faster than any of them!
  • Jasmine - Was a senior in high school when I started in Juvenile Court ten years ago! (I could have represented her if she had wanted to be a criminal.)
We got together at Duke's on Tuesday night to cash in yet another birthday freebie, free dinner for me and free desserts for all! At least three of them ordered the crab gnocchi, probably wishing for a little of this.* As an alternative, we settled for chocolate lava cake all around (it was supposed to be molten, but they apparently forgot to heat it because it was, instead, chocolate cake with a hunk of chocolate in the middle). But still, chocolate!

*I know it bears no relevance to anything, it was just a gratuitous opportunity to throw in a little Andy Garcia.

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