Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Now that’s what I’m talking about!

I got stuck doing a short run this morning, thanks to a combination of oversleeping a little and having to wait an extremely long time for Garmin to find the satellites. (Seriously, if I have to start getting up extra early just to get a satellite I'm not going to be very happy!) By short I just mean I knocked a mile or so off of what I would have done had I not hit the sidewalk at 6:37, for goodness sakes.

Monday I was on the low end for an entirely different reason—well, lateness was definitely part of it, but also I was sore from a long (15+ miles) run on Sunday. I decided to take it easy and ran 5.5 miles at a glacial pace. Today I went 5.65 miles, but far quicker than Monday's shorter distance. My pace plan was mile 1 warmup; mile 2 at an accelerated pace; mile 3 slow again; miles 4 & 5 at accelerated pace; then the rest of the way home at a cool down pace.

It worked beautifully. Total time was 54:46, with an average pace of 9:41 per mile, but the splits look much better:

Mile 1—11:20 (I said warmup, didn't I?)
Mile 2—9:12
Mile 3—9:54
Mile 4—9:08
Mile 5—8:52
Mile 5.65—6:19 (9:41 pace)

It may not be race pace, but I'll take it.

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