Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hey! That was my idea!

Have you ever thought up a perfectly clever idea, something that is bound to be your key to fame and fortune, then found out... somebody already invented it?

More on that below.

But first. The subject of this week's Runner's Lounge Take it and Run Thursday is "Care and Feeding of Your Feet." In other words, how to keep the most important part of a runner's body happy!

Two words: foot massage.

When I went to stay at Rosario after the Anacortes Half-Marathon back in July, I booked myself a very expensive massage on Sunday, the day after the race, mostly as an antidote to sore legs and general achiness. And it was good (even though there was an inordinate amount of time spent on the base of my skull, for what purpose I am not certain). But the very, very best part was the time spent on my feet. Not just a simple foot rub, but deep massage that I could feel into the cores of my tired toes, heels and insteps.

I thought, "I need this after every race!" (Or why be stingy? After every run!)

Watch this foot massage demonstration video and see if it doesn't make your toes curl with envy!

Which led me to thinking. Instead of those mini-massages that are available after some races (either for free or fee), there should be complimentary foot massages.

Now, I know there are some problems with this idea. Stinkiness, for one thing. It is possible that the massage providers don't want to be handling dozens* of sweaty, smelly feet. But there are ways around that, such as surgical gloves for the providers or cleansing wipes for the recipients. Also, I suppose some feet might be oozing with blisters, disfigured toenails, or other injuries. I've never had those problems (except for an occasional blister), so it's hard for me to figure that in. But they could just disallow persons with open sores, I would think.

But of course, post-race massages only happen occasionally, and as much as I appreciate full body massage, it is expensive so I certainly can't indulge as much as my body would like to. I started wondering how it could be made easier to provide or receive home foot massages at home.

Then I had the lightbulb idea. Socks, marked on the sole with the pressure points for foot massage, based on reflexology concepts. What a great idea! They could be sold at race expos!

Then I found this.

Yes, those are socks marked with the pressure points for reflexology foot massage. This is from Amazon, though granted they are no longer available. I guess they weren't such a good seller after all... so much for fame and fortune.

But I sure would like a pair for myself.

*I say dozens because there is never enough time for more than a few people to get massages anyway.


Dr doug said...

Have you tried Chi Running? Google it. There is an old video on you tube. Since I started Chi Running I have had very little soreness at all after a marathon. You may be amazed if not soreless?

Dr Doug

Amy@RunnersLounge said...

That video was wonderful and awful at the same time. I was drooling over the thought of my own foot rub and then cussing because no one was here to give me one. We runners get excited over the weirdest things.


Nitmos said...

How about Acupuncture Socks that you slip on and they automatically relieve the pressure points? No? And no, I don't have any idea how you'd get the socks with needles on. If you make a fortune with it, cut me in on some race registration fees at least.