Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Not what I had planned...

Sitting at the airport in Maui 2.5 hours after we were supposed to be in the air, and still waiting for word that our airplane has been "fixed." Not very encouraging. In addition to some developing nerves about the flight, I am already tired and frustrated and unhappy about how EXTREMELY late we are going to get home. It's almost 5 p.m. here...three hours later at home...and a 5+ hour flight.

Plus (I am selfishly wondering) how is this going to affect my last few days prior to the marathon? What about my final short run, supposed to be Wednesday? Should I move it to Thursday, leaving only one FULL rest day? Or squeeze it in sometime on Wednesday anyway? (I took today as a rest day, so I don't want to skip it altogether.)

And then we have a LONG drive to Newport on Friday...also hard on the body. I'm bringing the foam roller!

My oh my.
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P said...

Oh, that's not a fun end to your vacation! I hope you get a chance to squeeze in your run tomorrow, to stay on your planned schedule...that always makes me feels better about a race. Good luck!

Lisa said...

I'm sorry that your vacation ended a bit stressfully. The trip sounded wonderful.

I know I am chiming in late, but I would have skipped the last run altogether. When it comes to tapering for me, less is more. You got in some good mileage on vacation, so you should be fine.

I hope you have a wonderful time in Newport. It is my old stomping grounds and I wish I were running that race. I know you are going to KILL the marathon. It is a fast course and I have a feeling you might qualify for Boston. Just make sure you pace yourself in the beginning.

Good luck!