Monday, June 7, 2010

My left foot

Or more specifically, the big toe on my left foot. Is sore. Tender, really, just on top under the nail. And thanks to the nail polish, I can't tell what color the nail is...but it looks suspiciously dark under the nail. Actually, my right big toenail is tender too, but less so. I guess I must have put pressure on the toes when I was running? There wasn't much extreme downhill, so it's surprising. I am kicking myself a little for not remembering to cut my nails beforehand.

In other areas of the body, my legs are still pretty sore as well, particularly my quads. No running yet, obviously. I did do an hour on the elliptical before we left the hotel in Newport yesterday. Since there's no gym at the hotel in Cannon Beach, today is a rest day. I'm not counting a stroll with my mother through downtown Cannon Beach as exercise, although I might go for a walk on the beach later. After lunch, haha.

And speaking of food...well, I'm not going to speak of it just now. Post-marathon diet begins on Wednesday. I'm trying to just be reasonable right now. While staying in a hotel with cookies in the lobby and unlimited salt water taffy. (Which is like crack, I tell you!) And a really nice breakfast buffet....
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