Sunday, June 6, 2010

Newport mini-recap

Since we've already moved on to Cannon Beach I thought I'd better mention Newport before it's old news already.

Can it be that the marathon was just yesterday? It seems so long ago! Actually I've been having trouble keeping the days straight ever since our unplanned overnight in the Maui airport. It's a small miracle that I didn't turn up for the marathon a day late!

I'll save my excrutiating detail and long travelogue for a future post and just cut to the chase. Newport Marathon: 4:10:07. Since it wasn't chip-timed, I feel comfortable referring to my time as "4:10" in casual conversation, but believe me I am very aware of every single second.

I am perfectly fine with my time. No hair tearing, clothes rending here! I knew from the beginning that four hours would be a challenge, and as I progressed a third and halfway through, I could see it slowly but surely slipping away. I did think I was going to be a few minutes faster, but an excessively long bathroom stop and heavy legs in the last few miles took care of that.

The picture is the view from my room in Newport, the Yaquina Bay Bridge with the NOAA ship in front of it. (Sadly, we did not get to run across the bridge in the marathon...that would have been so cool.) I could look at that view from my bed!

We drove down to Newport on Friday, ran on Saturday, and left today (Sunday) for Cannon Beach. We'll be here till Tuesday. Then it's back home, back to work, and back to normal on Wednesday!

More about the marathon, Newport, and Cannon Beach later.
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Anonymous said...

that is a great marathon time! I haven't run one (yet) so I have no idea what it must feel like to finish one.