Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Post-marathon blues

Okay, really what I mean is, end-of-long-weekend, driving home from Oregon blues. And by blues, what I really mean is bitchiness.

Yeah, today has been a bumpy ride, punctuated by spells of irritation and moodiness directed toward my travel companions (parents). Despite feeling like an overstuffed sausage (and having made some diet goals which will be revealed in time), I dove headlong into a box of crack--I mean caramel corn--that I bought in Seaside for the car. Oh, that stuff is good. And bad.

I am still runless (considering a light run tomorrow morning). Yesterday I walked all the way to the north end of Cannon Beach on the beach, barefoot in the sand (mostly the hardpack sand), about 2.5 miles each way. On the way back at the end I waded in the water some. The cold water felt great, though I regretted it a little when I saw the signs warning people to stay out of the water due to high bacteria levels. Oops. I rinsed my feet well and am hoping for the best.

Speaking of feet, my big toe definitely has a big bad blister under it. Last night I woke up in pain, but after I drained it with a needle from a mending kit it felt much better. Still looks pretty ominous, though. I'll probably lose the nail. (Not the toe.)

This morning I got up pretty early and walked into town, to the north end of Cannon Beach, by road. Again, 2.5 miles each way. It's not running, but it's something.

I think I am frustrated because my legs are still sore (quads and hamstrings) and I don't know when I will be fit to run well again. Maybe tomorrow, maybe not.

Of course when I was sitting in the Maui airport and on the plane Tuesday night I wondered if my body would ever feel good enough to run again...and I managed some fast speedwork on Thursday and then a marathon on Saturday. The body does heal itself.

But enough of my ramblings. I'm pretty sure it's the caramel corn talking.
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