Thursday, June 3, 2010

Home again (but leaving tomorrow)

I finally made it home from about 9 a.m. on Wednesday morning. That was after a nine hour delay in the Maui airport! We did end up with $200 vouchers toward future travel. As if we wanted to go back. (Oh, we will....)

Anyhow, that pretty much put the kibosh on my Wednesday run (no running on National Running Day!). I considered trying to squeeze in a late afternoon run, after a nap and a visit to work, but... no.

I did my final pre-marathon run this morning, even though that is contrary to my usual scheme of having two full running rest days prior to a major race. With my rest day on Tuesday and an involuntary rest day on Wednesday, I really wanted to get in one final short run.

I did three miles warm-up (10 minute pace), plus four blazing 400m/quarter mile runs around the track (paces 7:32, 7:26, 7:19, and 6:58), and finally one mile that was supposed to be goal marathon pace (about 9 minutes) but ended up a little faster (8:39). Total distance 5.53 miles.

Despite my running in Hawaii, I seemed to have gained five pounds over the last five days. How is that possible? I am trying not to kick myself or mutter "2 seconds per pound per mile."

Tomorrow morning my parents and I leave for Newport. We're staying there through Sunday then heading up to Cannon Beach for a couple more days. My second vacation in two weeks!

My goal for the Newport Marathon: Have fun!

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