Sunday, November 4, 2012


November 4, day 4. How do you decide what to share? What do or don't you share?

That's pretty easy. I share everything, if I think it's interesting and will make a good blog post. If it's about running, exercise, healthy living, weight loss and gain, or food, I'll write about it, if I want to. I don't filter that stuff. Obviously, I don't write about everything, because that would be too time consuming and wordy and really really boring.

I know there's a division in the so-called healthy living blog world between bloggers who are cautious about anything relating to weight loss, so as not to be a trigger for disordered eating, versus weight loss and maintenance bloggers, who know that some type of restriction and restraint are necessary to lose weight and maintain. (Not everyone can be an intuitive eater.) I fall into the second category, unashamedly (although not a weight loss blogger). I have no reservations in saying I want to lose weight (about 10 pounds, for now), that I track my food, and that I am restricting desserts and limiting carbs to (hopefully) help myself with this.

Okay, I guess I do limit how often I say that stuff because I try not to be a broken record about it. But I think it's okay to say it.

I also have no compunction about mentioning my bathroom breaks, bathroom emergencies, and desperate sprints to the nearest bathroom (I think those three are all the same thing). I might not go into detail about what might happen if the bathroom is too far away, but all that sh*t stuff is a real part of running.

There are many things I haven't written about, but not because I wouldn't. They just haven't come up yet. Maybe they will as a future topic in this month of health blogging.

Obviously, I limit this openness to myself. I don't write about specifics of my work. I don't write about personal stuff of friends and family. I don't write about political stuff, though I'm not going to hide my leanings (liberal).

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Elizabeth said...

Interesting post. I have noticed some bloggers do focus a lot on weight, whearas others seem to purposely avoid the topic! I personally don't talk about it, but I don't mind it when other people do.