Monday, November 12, 2012

NHBPM #10, 11, 12

Playing catch-up here!

Day 10 - Should people post about their health, or their families' health, on Facebook?

The other category was to write about something funny, which I really wanted to do, but I couldn't think of anything. Funny fail. Actually, I wanted to repost an email from my mom that I really found funny, but couldn't get it into the blog post. It was called Einstein Was Right, and showed people hunched over their phones in various social settings, then ended with this picture:

I found this funny because I'm one of those social idiots constantly on my phone and iPad.

Regarding posting about health on Facebook...I'm okay with it. Personally, I wouldn't put anything more serious than a cold (but how I would whine about that), just because I would probably choose to keep a serious health condition to myself. Or maybe I wouldn't. It's hard to know until you're facing it. As far as my friends' posts, comments on their health conditions don't bother me. It's like a church prayer list, if you know their troubles you can pray for them or wish them well. Occasionally you get TMI, but it's easy enough to skip over things you don't want to hear about.

Day 11 - Write about a favorite thing that's not health related but likely improves your life.

Okay, I hate to admit it (considering the picture above), but that would have to be my iPad. (Hangs head.) I've always been on the hunt for a laptop that is easy to carry around, and while not quite a laptop, the iPad hits the mark for portability, and you can use it almost the same as a laptop. Web browsing, email, all the apps from my phone, and I can watch movies and shows on the iPod and read books on the Kindle app. I love my iPad.

Day 12 - Call BS on something that is just ridiculous.

I thought I might have trouble with this one, but turns out there are so many possibilities. I'm going with one I just read about a couple days ago--Pepsi's new "fat-blocking" soda.

This is just so nutty I don't know where to start. This "Pepsi Special," to be sold initially in Japan, is made with dextrin, an indigestible form of dietary fiber, which presumably will prevent the body from absorbing fat (not that pop has fat in it anyway). This is based on the theory that high fiber foods keep the body from absorbing so much fat.

That may be a legitimate theory (though it hasn't helped me much, and I eat tons of fruits and vegetables and other high fiber foods). But under any circumstances, is a sugary soda pop a comparable food choice to apples and oatmeal and beans?

Now, I'm not completely dissing soda pop. I like real Coke on trail runs, and I can't completely wean myself from Coke Zero and other diet pops. But it seems foolish and crazy to promote pop as a diet aid. I think we all know the perils of trying to make treat food "healthy." We just eat more of it. (Snackwells, anyone?)

And what might be the side effects of turning Pepsi into All-Bran? Better not drink it before a run!

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