Wednesday, April 14, 2010's not so bad (is it?)

I will admit it—I am a lurker. I have dozens of subscriptions (actually 140) in my Google reader and I read them regularly. A few are blogs that have stopped posting, or post rarely, but still, I can say that I have easily more than 100 blogs that I read.

Obviously, I don't comment on all of them. For one thing, I do most of my reading on my BlackBerry and it's awkward to comment from the elliptical at the Y (though not impossible). Also, I don't always have anything to say! I read, and move on. Sometimes I would like to comment but can't manage it at the time; unfortunately, I rarely go back later.

I do know that I need to comment if I want others to read my blog. So I do make an effort to leave comments when I have something to say (even if it's just congratulations on a good race). I am, I will admit, less inclined to leave comments on blogs with tons of readers...scrolling down to be comment #150* seems like a less productive use of time than commenting on a post with only a handful of comments.

My blogroll is not a completely accurate depiction of my reading list. All the blogs listed are in my Google reader, but there are several listed that are really inactive (if not defunct entirely) and should probably be removed from the blogroll. I don't mind keeping them in the Google reader in case they come back to life. Plus there are the other 100+ blogs I've added to the reader that I have been too lazy to put in the blogroll...some of them are among my current favorites!

In the spirit of being a better member of the blogging community, I have recently begun to "follow" a number of blogs I read. Again, this was something I've been too lazy to do regularly. But after I "followed" a blog just to get an entry into a giveaway, I decided that I'd better do the same for some of the blogs that I have been reading for months or years!

So anyhow, just because I am quiet doesn't mean I am not reading your blog. I am out there.... (cue spooky music....)

*The "healthy living" food bloggers get dozens of comments and more!


lindsay said...

i think every lurks here and there. it's hard sometimes to keep up when you are following lots of blogs! i definitely know the feeling... my google reader has never said "0 new items" i swear. it's also annoying to comment while reading on a BB or iPhone so i understand! i just try to stop by as often as i can so my people know i am out there supporting them :)

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

I noticed a new follower on my blog today! ; )

Heather said...

I definitely do a little lurking too . . . it's impossible to comment on every blog, even if I would like to!

Lisa said...

I am the same way. I try to keep up with my "regular" blogs (like yours), but don't always comment. I don't comment from my phone either. Now that I am facebook friends with a lot of bloggers, I keep up that way. You should try networked blogs... that way your FB friends can easily read your posts.

I have WAY too many blogs in my reader too. Know that I am reading even when I don't comment. :-)