Sunday, April 18, 2010

First 20-miler in 2010

To commemorate that feat I forced myself to add an extra tenth of a mile (see above).

No, I was not running a 35-minute pace!

As you can see (and figure out with a bit of simple math) my average pace was just under 10 minutes, I believe 9:56 to be precise. That's not a completely accurate picture of my run, though. The average is definitely dragged down by some excessively slow miles in the middle section. Oh, those Sunnyside hills! Still, I think it's a perfectly acceptable long run pace. I am trying not to kick myself or compare it to some of my other, faster long runs. (Not to mention other people's.)

I did kick it up in the last mile and did that one in 9:09. It would have been sub-9, I'm sure, except that I didn't decide to pick up the pace until .15 mile along.

I finished at Safeway and do have to congratulate myself at finishing where I wanted to be and neither under nor over distance. Go me! I used one of my free drink coupons for an iced mocha at Starbucks. Then I walked home, SLOWLY.

That run brought me to a total of 49.39 miles for the week. That's pretty high for me, especially in a four-day running week. No, I couldn't dig up another .61 mile! Although if I counted walking--.65 after the run today, .50 after my run on Friday, and 4+ in my afternoon walk on Wednesday--I would be well over 50 miles. My few 50+ mile weeks from last year were, I think, weeks when I ran on five days (one of which was an extra-long run, of course).

At the beginning of the run my sore spots were tweaking. That would be my left, um, cheek (piriformis?) and my right calf/achilles/ankle. That trouble wore off at some point in the run, thankfully. In the end it was just my whole body generally not wanting to run more. But still, those last miles (after I left the hills from hell) were reasonably paced. I do anticipate achy legs tonight, though. Advil is at the ready. I may ice my ankle for a bit in a while. Maybe I'll even take a bath later. It always sounds like a good idea, but when it comes to a choice of getting wet and then drying off, versus just going to bed...bed usually wins.

After I got cleaned up from my run, Rod came back from a muddy trail ride on his Husquvarna bike with his dad. We were both in need of nourishment, so we went to lunch at the local golf course restaurant and had their special, prime rib dip sandwiches! (The dinner special from Friday and Saturday nights was prime rib...coincidence?) It was decadently yummy. Lots of food. I had one half of my sandwich plus about a third of the second half, and gave the rest to Rod.

Yesterday was our last ski day of the season...Stevens closes after today. We had fun skiing, but agreed that we're ready for spring and summer...skiing can take a break. We've been skiing since November--that's a six-month season!

We watched "The Blind Side" last night. That was "my" movie after watching "3:10 to Yuma" (new version) Friday night. We both really enjoyed it, very inspiring but really entertaining as well.

It's been a good weekend. Boston Marathon tomorrow! My DVR is set. Plus I added an extra hour of recording after in case something goes awry with the race scheduling. It would be horrible to miss the last few minutes just because the recorder goes off! (Something that has happened many a time with VCR settings.)

Good luck to all the Boston runners!

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Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Sounds like a great really long run! I just compare myself to myself, too. Mostly! You never know where someone else is in their training plan and what they're training for anyway.

Heather said...

Awesome job on the long run!

Lisa said...

great job!! LOL...I did the very same thing with my first twenty mile run of 2010. How fun!

I forget... are you running Eugene or Newport? I wish I were running Newport. My family has a house nearby and it is supposed to be a fast course.