Friday, April 9, 2010

Got that run in

Last night after work I did the run that I skipped Thursday morning due to weather. After the crazy overnight and early morning winds and rain, the sun had come out and shone brightly in blue skies all day. It was still breezy and chilly, but the cool temp was not a problem for running.

It had clouded over just a bit by 5:00, but not enough to deter me. Unlike Monday, I didn't dread the idea of running after work. The workday must have been less debilitating yesterday, or something. Sure, going to the Y and watching TV on the elliptical was appealing, but now I get to do that this norning!

My legs also felt rested enough that I thought they were ready for another run. This way, also, I still have my two non-running rest days to refresh my legs for Whidbey.

So, without much ado, I took off on my usual route around 5:30. Though I felt sluggish, I might have been slightly faster than I usually am in the mornings. The first mile was about 10:15 then I settled into a 9:30- 9:45 pace for a few miles. I had in my mind that I wanted to do at least a mile or two sort of fast (goal half marathon pace?) at the end, but I was playing it by ear.

I decided to pick up the pace after mile 5. Unfortunately three quarters of that first pace mile was uphill! I finished the last quarter on the return down and managed 8:35 for that mile. (Goal HMP is 8:30 or less, though not necessarily for Whidbey. Future halfs.)

I had just enough distance left in my return home to finish 5K. I don't have my Garmin at hand but I think my pace for the final miles plus .1 was under 8:15. Total time for final 5K was 25:56, and my average pace for all of the 8.1 miles was 9:12.

I got home with (just) enough time to head over to the Y for yoga. I took a couple minutes to change out of my dripping shirt to a dry shirt, brush and try to fluff my wet hair, and trade running shoes for slip-ons. Then I hopped in the car and zipped over to the Y. I had considered ending my run at the Y and going directly to yoga, but that would have cut a mile off my distance, forced me to do yoga in wet clothes, and required me to walk home afterwards in the cold and dark wearing my damp clothes. Not a pleasant idea!

So now it is definitely teeny tiny taper time. Onward to Whidbey!
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Tina @GottaRunNow said...

That was a great workout! You'll do great at the race!