Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dreaming of Boston

Not so much in the way you'd think.

Last night I was watching the Boston Marathon on my DVR. I was watching in bed because why would I want to sit up and watch TV if I can lie down? I was about an hour along and it was sometime after 9:00 and I started falling asleep. I would doze off for a few minutes and then I would wake up and they were still running. I would watch for a while (and I really wanted to watch), then I would drift off again and after a while I would wake up and they would still be running. I remember thinking, in one of my waking periods, that a marathon takes a really long time, and that's just for the elites, who are twice as fast as everyone else!

Eventually, during one of my sleeping periods, the marathon ended and I didn't even know who won until I checked it out today. It didn't quite end there, though. After I went to sleep "officially," I found myself dreaming of the Boston Marathon. Not dreaming of running it though. I was still just watching it.

Of course, I still have the recording on my DVR and if I want to, I can go back and watch parts of it again. Perhaps that sounds ridiculous but I think it would be great to watch closer to next year's marathon, as a course preview (assuming that all goes as planned and I am still running next year).

Later I went on to have another dream which I think may be my key to fame and fortune. Perhaps I shouldn't even mention it in case some entrepreneurial person snaps up my idea...oh, I'll risk it. I dreamed that I invented a mix for making your own granola bars. It was made of rolled oats and powdered peanut butter (like PB2?) and some kind of powdered honey and when you mixed it with water the honey got sticky and held the whole mess together, and you formed it into bars. Probably there were other things like seeds and dried fruit in it as well. I think maybe I have been reading too many food blogs! Okay, maybe the homemade granola bar thing isn't entirely original but my instant, just add water idea surely is!


Evelyn said...

May I please have your permission to download some of your lovely photos of Queen Mary's Rose Garden from your England travel blog for my personal, non-commercial use? I'd like to make a slideshow on our home computer, for example. We enjoyed our two visits there but later lost our pictures in computer problems when they weren't backed up adequately. Thank you for considering my request.
Evelyn in Houston, TX (reluctant to post my email address here)

Terri said...

That is so funny - your dreaming of yourself watching it! I'm so lucky to have been able to watch it live and in person. Too bad that no other races in this area have such crowd support. I'll never know what it's like! But it sure is a lot of fun to watch, believe me.